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Chanting Press & Manifestations Journal


In a world so divided by vested interests of power and control, ideologies, “isms” of every kind, projections on the other, Manifestations Journal and Chanting Press seek, beneath the apparent divisions, the unifying voice that hums in the timbre of the great cross-cultural wisdom traditions. We encourage authentic voices that inspire, enthrall and confront. To chant is to evoke Spirit, to call forth awe, wonder and praise; to inspire work that renews planetary health and promotes diversity as the original design of creation. This is the sacred work when the word summons the unity and compassion at the core of relationship. In a diversity of voices, in the call and response of separation and unity, may we find we are one.


Manifestations Journal

An International Art & Literary Journal Writing Across the Spiritual Traditions

The act of manifesting. The state of being manifested. An indication of the existence, reality, or presence of something. One of the forms in which someone or something, such as a person, a divine being, or an idea, is revealed. The materialized form of a spirit. A public demonstration. A multi-dimensional literary journal produced by Sacred Earth Alaska and friends of the Creation Spirituality Communities.The sister of Chanting Press.

Chanting Press

It’s a wild world we live in now and it demands a wildness of Spirit that the great traditions have always called us to. By creating together and supporting one another we mirror the Unity that creates, pervades, sustains, and supports existence, a Unity that constantly recreates beauty, and says the original blessing over Creation, “It is good.” In an age that requires of us new ways of seeing, we learn the soulful art of holding the paradoxes of light and darkness, of knowing and not knowing, of creation and destruction, of immanence and transcendence. These transformative experiences are the subject of both Chanting Press and Manifestations Art & Literary Journal.



The Manifestations Journal Community is a broadly multifaith multicultural motley crew of artists, practical types, nerds, and lovers of creativity united in the common spiritual imperative to serve our brothers and sisters, sharing our lives in compassionate awareness through art, direct action, mentorship, and spiritual practice. The Manifestations Community recognizes that every age has a vocational calling and contribution to be made for the life of the planet, and seeks to explore, encourage, and create pathways for the expression of the calling of this era, a calling that cries out for a renewal of worldviews informed by the hermeneutics of Wisdom. We come from many places. We organize organically creating new models in the liminal time/space between the past, present, and future; seeing connections, listening and responding, living in trust that we are guided.